Word from the Chef

Joaquin Renovales

SBG Master Chef

SBG Restaurant is inspired by our love for gastronomy and the summer  — the warm breeze off the ocean, delicious fresh fruits and vegetables, grilled meat, and exotic tropical flavors. We want the summer to be all-year-round, and we've created a restaurant to make it happen. We use only the highest quality fresh ingredients to create dishes you'll love. 


We traveled all over the world, tried hundreds of exotic dishes, and gathered them in one place. 

Quieres pasar a recoger tu pedido? 

Comunícate con nosotros al: 1-829-620-3970.


SBG Sophia's Bar & Grill, Calle Paseo de los Locutores 9, Santo Domingo, 10149, Dom. Rep.

Horario de cocina

Lunes - Sábado

10 am - 6 pm


11 am - 6pm